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BSafety and comfort are the two most important factors to keep in mind when you want to purchase a stroller for your baby boy or girl. However, if you want to make an informed decision and pick a good and reliable model that will help your kid grow strong, healthy and happy, you may want to keep a few other aspects in mind. The following guide will help you identify and create your own list of features to follow when picking a stroller.


Safety features

As already mentioned, the most important aspect to take into consideration when you are shopping for a stroller is, without a doubt, safety. The amount of safety features can make the difference between one model or another, so it is advisable to pay a bit more attention to what add-ons are offered in this particular area. The best strollers of 2016 often exhibit a plethora of safety options, determining parents to choose them over others. A 5 point safety harness, extra padding, a sturdy frame and a large base, among other things, can count a lot when making a purchase decision. Since you want nothing but the best for your little bundle of joy, there is no wonder parents are spending quite a great deal of time comparing various products destined for their babies.


Stroller type

There are so many different types of strollers on the market right now, that one obvious point when narrowing down your searches is to pick a certain type. For instance, there are universal frames that work like a charm for traveling with your kid in tow, since they can accommodate a car seat for ease of transportation.

All in one travel systems are greatly appreciated by parents. These are heavier than the universal frames presented earlier, and they can take a lot of space. However, for the convenience of serving as a stroller, a car seat and a car seat base, they are much preferred to other types of baby carriages. Top rated strollers of 2016 include such all in one travel systems, because of their great popularity among parents.

Don’t forget about combo strollers. Their main ability is to serve both as a bassinet – an old type of carriage for babies – and a regular stroller. In case you want your stroller to grow with your baby, you will not go wrong with this type.



Parents appreciate having a large array of accessories handy when they are walking their kids in strollers. The amount of extras provided by a model can weigh a lot, if you are already set on a range of strollers that offer everything you want in terms of safety and comfort for the baby. For instance, having a parasol handy is a good addition for sunny days; kids have very sensitive skin and even mild UV exposure can cause superficial burns.

When reading stroller reviews, do not forget to search for references to extras, like rain covers, drink holders, mosquito net, adjustable handle, and many others. Depending on your preferences, you can easily identify a model that has it all.



What is the best stroller for your baby?


Good quality strollers help parents walk their babies in complete safety and comfort, so the most important aspect is to be able to tell them from bad products. Here are five of the best strollers 2016 that have already been tried and tested by many parents and kids.



Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller


1.Baby Trend ExpeditionA cool looking stroller for active parents, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller comes equipped with many great extras. The large bicycle like tires are very versatile and help you navigate on all kinds of terrains with ease, without disturbing your baby’s sleep. You will also love how easy is to maneuver this stroller. Your kid’s comfort is ensured by the reclining seat, the good quality padding and the large canopy that protects the baby’s delicate skin against UVs. The parent tray is highly appreciated, as it allows you to keep a few things around for easy access.

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Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller


2.Britax B-Agile 3A stroller capable of accommodating babies from their first days as newborns until they end up weighing 55 pounds, the Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller enjoy plenty of stellar reviews from users. Geared towards parents who want to keep in shape after birth, the stroller comes equipped with safety mechanisms that lock the rear wheels in place when needed. The 5 point safety harness will make sure that your baby will not accidentally slip from the seat, injuring themselves. It must be mentioned that the harness can be adjusted without using any rethreading work from your part, which is a big plus.

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Graco Fastaction Fold Sport Stroller Travel System


3.Graco FastactionFor parents looking to invest in a more versatile product, the Graco Fastaction Fold Sport Stroller Click Connect Travel System is one of the best options available for sale. Including a stroller and a car seat for newborns, this model is highly adaptable to all your needs, and you will not have to pay a hefty price for it. This travel system is ideal for parents who need to take their kids along on a regular basis. The three wheel stroller is very maneuverable and ensures a great smooth ride, while the extra large canopy comes in handy during sunny days.

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InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller


4.InStep Safari Double SwivelThe InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller is a beautiful model designed for twins. The product comes with a dual trigger mechanism that ensures that no accidental folding will occur when you least expect it. The pneumatic air filled tires offer a smooth ride, regardless on the bumps in the road. The parent’s comfort is also kept in mind, and you will find the dual cup holders and the molded tray to come in handy when you want to enjoy your cup of joe while walking your babies in the park.

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Delta Children Ultimate Convenient Stroller


5.Delta ChildrenAccommodating babies weighing up to 45 pounds, the Delta Children Ultimate Convenient Stroller is very comfortable and offers all the advantages of a smooth ride for your sleepy kid. If you are looking for a safe, comfortable and easy to fold stroller, this is a great choice. The 5 point harness ensures proper safety for the baby, while the large canopy protects them against the sun. The shock absorbing wheels are great for ensuring a smooth ride. Also, keep in mind that the storage below is ideal for keeping all the essentials easy to access.

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